The More We Move

     Started the day determined to find a better suited breakfast option for us all.  Was walking around a bit and found Panera Bread.  Lots and lots of carbs but simple options, calories listed on the menu, fresh fruit and juice, and yummy coffee…I think it’s a hit!  I managed to get my breakfast in less than 400 calories and compared to yesterday, that was good.  Would be doing better at home but I knew this weekend would prove to be a challenge.


     Now that we’re all fat and happy it’s off to the city for a day at the California Academy of Sciences.  We had very little traffic and found our way almost immediately.  Thank goodness!  SF can be tricky to maneuver but thank you Onstar for turn by turn navigation.  It’s amazing we ever found our way anywhere 10 years ago.  I am a fan of technology!

     We wandered around the museum.  Saw some incredible exhibits, and had a fun filled day that was interesting, educational, and entertaining.  We wandered through the rainforest (a butterfly landed on my hand), checked out some fish, and saw a “living roof top”, and saw some of the city.  I love Golden Gate Park and if I lived in the city I would be there every day.  What a remarkable place.  On the way back to the hotel we decided to hit a detour and check out the cliff house and Golden Gate Bridge.  What a site.


       After another fun-filled day, I had zero energy (motivation) to hit the gym so I decided a swim and hot tub would have to suffice and I took the time to catch up with my brother and spend some quality time with my family.  We are having fun but I am thinking it might take me a day or two to recover once we get home.  I am really starting to understand how important it is to get a good nights rest.

Recipe of the Day

Super simple fruit salad

2-4 nectarines

1 clamshell raspberries

1 tblspn Grand Marnier or triple sec

1 sprig of fresh mint

     So easy and so fabulous!  Chop nectarines, wash raspberries, mince mint, and coat in the Grand Marnier.  Delicious!!!

Exercise of the Day

  Jumping Jacks…I think we tend to forget about some of the super simple, free activities that will burn fat and make us stronger.  If you are away from your home or your gym and you feel like that has left you with out a way to work out, that is a pretty lame excuse.  There is always a way to do something…anything.  The more we move, the more we burn, the better we feel.  I’m just saying.

Day 40/365


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