Marathon Motivation

     Decided Panera Bread was a good option for all of us so we went there again.  Sometimes repetition works just fine for me.  It satisfies my need, I enjoy it, and it just simplifies things…so I had no complaints…plus yummy coffee!


     After breakfast we were back at it again for another fun filled day of cruising around with the family and seeing the sights.  My Aunt and Uncle took the reigns on this one and came up with what I found to be a pretty fabulous day.  We drove to the ferry from our hotel.  Rode the ferry into the city, got a great view, and had an opportunity to sit and talk and take in the scenery…plus I just love to be out on the water; such a serene environment. 


     Once we arrived in the city we wandered around Fisherman’s Wharf, some of the shops, the pier, the new ferry building, an outdoor theater garden, and an arts and crafts show.  One of the coolest things was the Musee Mecanique.  If you are not familiar, it is a huge collection of old arcade games, quarter slides, and other various entertaining oddities.  We had so much fun wandering around and playing games I haven’t seen since I was a kid.  I would highly recommend checking it out if you find yourself at the Wharf.  I had my palm read by an old “Zelda” and this was my horoscope:

     “Your hand indicates that by concentrating your thoughts more and overcoming a lack of self-confidence you will succeed beyond your expectations.  Remember, it requires will power and energy to make a success in this life.  Do not think and worry about the past, but make the best of the present.  Cultivate your patience and natural talent and you will in the end lead a happy life.  Be very careful in selecting friends.”  Not bad, Zelda… not bad.

     It was a beautiful day and I could just see the enthusiasm from all the people who had just completed the San Francisco marathon.  What an accomplishment.  I was talking with my mom and got to thinking that this might be a perfect addition to my list of goals.  It is a year from now, I will have enough time to train, and it will give me an excuse to find my way back here…plus it is open to do a full (26.2 miles) a half (13.1 miles) or a 5k.  Since I am currently running less than 1 mile I know this will be a big goal to work toward.

     We were all getting a little hungry so we decided to grab some lunch.  This one was NOT good for me.  Chowder, beer, bread…I didn’t just fall off the wagon I ran full-bore jumped off with a hunk of sourdough in one hand and a frosty pint in the other.  Ooooppps!  That’s going to cost me.

     As we were making our way back to our fairy I found myself doing what I like to do best when I’m out and about; I people watch.  I imagine what they are doing or where they are going, what their conversations might be, or even sometimes what they are thinking.  I saw one guy that really made me stop and wonder what he was thinking.  We were walking past a restaurant on a crowded street and I see a guy pull open the front of a trash container, pull out the trash can, and crawl in.  I have seen some strange things in San Francisco but I found this to be particularly peculiar.

     As I watch I wonder what he can possibly be thinking.  I stand there a moment just observing this odd young man and suddenly he bursts out the door and startles a couple of passers-by.  Then it hits me, a) he’s on drugs, b) he’s just an ass, or c) a combination of both.  Whatever the case I will not soon forget “Oscar the Grouch”.

     Our ride back was pleasant, quiet.  I had some time to sit, just me and my thoughts reflecting on my day.  We made our way back and decided to hit the Elephant Bar for dinner.  Not a bad stop.  A couple of items were less than good but I was pleased with my blackened, seared Ahi salad and Mojito (I splurged on a cocktail) so I left pretty happy.  I visited with my family for a bit but knew tomorrow morning would come early and then it would be time to head home.

Recipe of the Day

*It can be difficult to find sushi grade fish so I have decided on a recipe that suggests a little longer cooking time.  Also, if you’re not a “fish person” blackening is a good way to hide some of the fish flavor for you.

4 white fish steaks

1 tbsp paprika

1 tsp dried thyme

1 tsp cayenne pepper

1 tsp freshly ground black pepper

½ tsp freshly ground white pepper

¼ tsp salt

¼ tsp ground allspice

1 tsp unsalted butter

2 tbsp sunflower oil

Rinse the fish steaks and pat them dry with absorbent kitchen paper.

Mix together the paprika, thyme, cayenne peppers, black and white peppers, salt and allspice in a shallow dish.

Place the butter and oil in a small saucepan and heat, stirring occasionally, until the butter melts.

Brush the butter mixture liberally all over the fish steaks, on both sides.

Dip the fish into the spicy mix until well coated on both sides.

Barbecue the fish over hot coals for about 10 minutes on each sides, turning once. Continue to baste the blackened fish with the remaining butter mixture during the cooking time.

Exercise of the Day

Rest…we all need to take a day and just recoup…today is Sunday so I will rest…also, I will weigh in tomorrow.

 Day 41/365


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