Extraordinary Life


    I woke up on the indifferent side of the bed this morning.  Not really sure what I wanted to do, hot, grumpy…  You know the drill.  I decided to escape my funk by taking a little drive with my bff.  We headed up the hill for a little cooler weather and some fun with our little’s.  Sad to see a fire but happy that we were able to walk along the river and still enjoy part of our afternoon.  We were happy, the kiddos were happy, what more could you ask for?

     We enjoyed a little time by the river, the park, and the swings.  We stopped for a drink and an icecream and then decided to call it a day.  We stopped at the local market and picked up some super fresh steaks and then we hit the road.  Our drive home was filled with chatter and easy conversation, as usual.

     The hubby came home and we decided on a little bbq.  Couldn’t let those steaks just sit there…after dinner I was having a serious problem with motivation.  The hubby was exhausted from a long day, none of my friends were up for braving the heat, and I was seriously considering just calling it a day.  Have had a lot on the brain lately and it was taking its toll this evening.  I sat down to check my email, facebook, and such and thankfully one of my friends, one of you, was there to help me find the strength and resolve to get off my a** and out the door.  For that I have to thank you.  M.H. because of you, I got up and headed out the door with my little dude in tow and I rode my bike for a mile or two.  I thank you for being there when I needed a little nudge.

     It happens to the best of us.  We have those days where we just want to crawl into bed or on to the couch and call it a day.  Periodically I think we should all give into that urge (it’s just good for the soul) but more often than not, we need to fight it and keep moving.

     Our bike ride was hot and I realized that my frame is too small.  Having a piece of equipment that fits you is key; hoping to hook up the hubby’s bike for our next trip.  Until then we’re back to skating, walking, P90X, and swimming.  I’m thinking that should be enough…hoping that will be enough.

     As I rode I thought about who I am and where my life is taking me/where I’m taking my life.  I count my blessing for all the wonderful people in my life, like you, and all the things I have to be thankful for but I know that we are reaching a turning point.  We’re getting fit physically, mentally, hopefully at some point financially, and I know we are starting to ask some of the hard questions.  Where do we see ourselves in five years?  What in this life will bring us happiness?  Some of those big questions that can be scary to ask but eventually have to be asked.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve started to realize that I am afraid of change.  If things are going ok than don’t rock the boat, right?  That’s just not good enough anymore.  I’m finding the strength and the courage to rock the shit out of that boat and see where the waves take us.

     One thing I know is that no matter where we are or what we are doing it  will be together so I am most thankful for that.  I anticipate big changes this year but our marriage is stronger than ever.  We’re hoping to add another little to our life but at this point I leave that in God’s hands and if it is not meant to be, at this time, than I will just continue to focus on getting fit.  All’s well.

     Today I ask myslelf… and you, “Would you rather be an extraordinary girl (boy) in an ordinary life or an ordinary girl (boy) in an extraordinary life?”  For me, I say, “there’s nothing ordinary about either”.

Recipe of the Day

     I know this is a snack that has many names but for all you Will Ferrell lovers I will forever call them “boats and hoes”.


Peanut Butter


You know the drill.  This is a snack I enjoy on a pretty regular basis.  I know the PB is not the best but I’m still taking baby steps.  I’ve cut out most fried things so who knows maybe PB is next…but for now I will still enjoy my PB and celery.

Exercise of the Day

Lunges for the Hips, Glutes and Thighs

*Remember the simple things work and they are free!  Simple exercises, simple foods, and a little commitment…good, good, and good!

Day 44/365


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