Martha, Martha, Martha…

     I know it is a biological impossibility but I am certain some how, some way I am the bastard love child of Martha Stewart and Imelda Marcos…or maybe a dirty little three-way with Rachael Ray… now there’s a sentence you don’t hear yourself say everyday… I know it is impossible but I am convinced there is no other way to explain my love affair with culinary creations and my affinity for fine footwear…

     I guess these feelings surfaced because I spent a good part of the evening in my kitchen.  I enjoyed myself tonight…a product of my new schedule I might add… a little extra time to actually cook dinner for my family.  We have good days and bad, my kitchen and me…

    The other night I set out to create.  I was determined to make something delightful and delicious and healthy…I know it is hard to imagine. 😉 …but after ignoring the cynical little voice in my head, I set out and conquered the task at hand.  I prepared a lovely steak dinner with some steamed veggies and a few slices of potato.  I‘ve learned that more often than not, simplicity is the key…especially when trying to be mindful of the calorie count.  So I’ve prepared this meal that appears to be very good, very good for us, and what do I do???  I look in the fridge, the larder as one friend so lovingly refers to it, and I pull out a block of cheese…now I’m not talking about a slice or one of those cute little chunks from the grocery but that massive beast that can only be found at Costco.

     So I’m standing in my kitchen wielding the 90lb log of cheese and I decide that I’ll just throw a few things together and prepare a little cheese sauce for my veggies…I must admit that it was so rich and so creamy with that very distinct cheddar flavor…it was delicious and decadent but soooooo a step in the wrong direction for this girl. *shameful admission*

     Now today is a new day and I am still determined to do better and not let those indiscretions get me down.  What do they say, “No sense crying over spilled milk or fatty-fat cheddar cheese sauce”…ok well maybe I tweaked the ending there but whatever, you get it.  So tonight I am so determined to do it right.  Our meal consists of an organic potato leek puree…it started as a soup but ended up being heartier so I’m going with puree…either way, it was delicious and consisted of little more than an organic leek, a couple of organic potatoes, a splash of olive oil, some organic fresh herbs, and some stock (chicken broth).  It was paired with a roasted organic turnip dish that was a hybrid of a Martha Stewart recipe and me doing what I do… a.k.a. winging it… ok just to clarify the reason I mention the “organic” is because I feel like it is a healthy choice when eating… root veggies imparticular…not to sound pretentious or douche-y so I apologize if we were headed in that direction… ok so now that we’ve cleared that up… dinner also included some grilled chicken prepared on the bbq by my men…which by the way is the cutest thing I have ever seen.  Watching my husband teach our two-year old to bbq is a warm and fuzzy moment for me.  I can’t help but smile as they talk and laugh and stand proud on the patio as men, doing what men do… there is a very Norman Rockwellian kind of feel to the whole scene.  Today was a good day.

     Things I am thankful for… the extra time my new schedule has granted me…which by the way I am going to be paying for tomorrow by staying up this late tonight… knowing that a friend’s family is recovering from a very scary day… Chuck you’re in our prayers… the love and support of my family and friends… all the little warm and fuzzy moments and all the not so fuzzy ones that help keep it all in perspective… snow…none here today but it will always be one of those things I’m just thankful for…It’s like Christmas, I’m not going to stop loving it just because the calendar says it’s July… an opportunity/possibility of reconnecting with an old friend that will always be like a sister to me… the ability to love… not just my family and friends but myself… it’s a nice feeling to be able to look in the mirror and know that you love the person looking back at you…  getting there took me a while but I feel confident in saying that I’m there… now don’t get me wrong, you might not always appreciate the current packaging but the outside is constantly changing so it’s not the end of the world… if there are a few extra pounds or grey hairs on that package, well there are things that can be done to change that… and I’m thankful for the air in my lungs, love in my heart, and affable smile on my face… oh and boobs you can’t forget boobs… male or female, young or old, I don’t care who you are… everyone is thankful for boobs. 😛


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2 Responses to Martha, Martha, Martha…

  1. Alrighty… I have to comment. First I saw your title and thought (naturally…) OF COURSE she’s blogging about me! Oh pride is an evil thing. Any-who… after I realized you were referring to the more famous and rich Martha I laughed at myself and silliness. Then I had to scan the blog because blog reading time will be later tonight, only to read your closing thought was “I don’t care who you are… everyone is thankful for boobs”. YOU are hilarious! I just have to throw that out there. I don’t know what you said after the first paragraph that lead to loving boobs but I can’t wait to find out later tonight! 🙂

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