Some Things Are Still Broken

     I think about all the people I have had to say a premature goodbye to and I can’t help but think about the saying, “time heals all wounds”… I can see this is one of those glass is half full kind of things but when it comes to those we love the most and to matters of the heart I must say what a total load of crap!     My sister should have turned 39 today but instead she will be forever 35… if she were still here I might tease her about  how very Marilyn Monroe of her that was.  If anyone would know how to stay in style, young, beautiful, and classic it is my sister.

     I continue to grow and move forward with my life but I will never forget what kind of person she was and what she meant to me.  I know that some things are still broken but I will continue to try to bring love and happiness to the people in my life and the space that I fill.  Today I will hold my loved ones a little closer and hug them a little longer.  I know that this life is precious and we must continue to count our blessings.  I am sending love and light to you and a warm and loving memory of how charming, beautiful, and fun my sister was… and to my sister Heather…  Happy 39th Sis…  I could say RIP but I know that’s just not your style… so rest as rock n roll as you see fit.  I love you everyday! ❤


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