30 Days of Thanks 30

I am kind of sad that today is the last day of this month. I have really enjoyed my 30 days of thanks. I have enjoyed taking a little time each day… usually in the morning with a cup of coffee… and reflecting on all the things in our life that remind us to celebrate and give thanks. My life is by no means perfect and this year has been a challenging one but taking this time to really think about all our blessings has been very uplifting and a great start to this holiday season… sometimes it can be hard to find the “glass is half full” moments when you’re having a hard day but it really does something for your spirit to find the good and positive in a day or a week or a year… and keeping in the spirit of the season, I would like to ask all my friends for a special gift this year… two actually. I would like to ask that, at some point next month, you do something in your life to make it healthier… change an old habit… get a little extra exercise… relax and enjoy a stress free moment… I don’t care what you do; I just want it to be something that helps you be a little healthier version of you… I care about you and I hope we can share a long and happy life together… and second, I would like you to do something kind for someone else… I don’t care who it is or what it is but just take a moment to be great and bring joy to another human being… read an extra story to your child… be a little more patient with family or friends… bring coffee to a coworker… food to a food drive… let the person behind you online that looks stressed or exhausted go ahead of you… just take a moment to stop and look around and find someone that could use a smile… and if you find the time to do these two things, I’d love to hear about them… thank you Gandhi for the wisdom that has led me to my last day of thanks…

Day ~ 30 I am thankful for the opportunity to be the change we want to see in the world


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